The NewAstro Zone System for Astro Imaging - 256 pages, 9x7" $99.95 ISBN 0-9711237-5-6
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DVD Information

The DVD is a major part of the book. It contains not only the support files for the book tutorials, but also a host of additonal features.

Additional content

The DVD contains additional chapters on imaging and emission line science.

Tutorial support and practice images

There are more than 100MB of image files used in the book tutorials. You can follow along step by step as you read the book. A special lay-flat binding makes it easy to set up the book at your computer as you work through the tutorials. In addition, I have included more than 50MB of practice images for you to work on.

PowerPoint Presentations

I have included all of the PowerPoint presentations from the famous Imaging Camp we held here in New Mexico. The camps are no longer offered, but the book contains all of the information from the camps and much more additional material. The presentations allow you to step into the classes at your convenience. Combined with the book, DVD tutorials, video tutorials, and support files, they offer you a complete experience unlike anything else available.

DVD tutorials

These tutorials are taken directly from the imaging camp curriculum. They are extremely detailed, with literally hundreds of step-by-step images and instructions. They are like a complete extra book on the DVD.

Software Tools

You get a wide selection of software tools on the DVD. I am including some of my free software, like Automapper and the CCD Calculator, but I am also including my DeBloomer and other software that you would normally have to pay extra for. The extra software is sold on our web site at a total value of $$59.95, but it comes to you for free with the book. I want to make sure you get good value for your money.

Video tutorials

Video tutorials are becoming quite the rage, and we can see why: they are an extremely valuable way to learn about image processing. See the DVD Contents page for a complete list of the tutorials included. The video tutorials make the book come alive with unprecendented detail.