The NewAstro Zone System for Astro Imaging - 256 pages, 9x7" $99.95 ISBN 0-9711237-5-6
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DVD Contents

The DVD is like a complete second book. It includes different types of tutorials from multiple authors, as well as support files for the book and other goodies.

  • 100+ MB of support files for the book's tutorials
  • Bonus chapter: Imaging workflow
  • Bonus chapter: detailed background on emission lines by Steve Pastor
  • FITS and Photoshop files for book tutorials, organized by chapter
  • PowerPoint presentations
    • Introduction to CCD imaging
    • Original one-day Zone System CCD workshop (Houston version)
    • Understanding the Zone System
    • Color Balancing
    • Calibration
    • Understanding and Controlling Seeing
  • 2.5+ GB of practice images
  • Step-by-step tutorials from the four-day Imaging Camps in New Mexico
  • Software tools you can use, including:
    • Trial version of Russell Croman's Gradient XTerminator
    • Automapper (use with CCDSoft and TheSky)
    • CCD Calculator with Neil Flemming's additional images
    • Pixel Scrubber for cleaning up hot/cold pixels
    • NewAstro DeBloomer plug-in ($49.95 retail value, includes CCDSoft and MaxIm DL versions)
    • NewAstro Gradient Remover ($39.95 retail value, works with CCDSoft and MaxIm DL)
    • Color Flat Maker plug-in for one-shot color cameras ($10.00 retail value)
  • Video tutorials cover: 
    • Fundamentals of the Zone System
    • The Standard Curve
      • Setting Levels When You First Open a File
      • Creating a Standard Curve - the Dim ZOne Point
      • Creating a Standard Curve - Middle and Bright Zone Points
      • Adjusting Levels after Each Iteration of the Standard Curve
    • Setting the Dim Zone brightness correctly
    • Selecting and Smoothing the Dim Zone
    • Selecting and Sharpening the Bright Zone
    • Micro Contrast
    • Selecting Stars
    • LRGB Processing
    • Working with Color Bias
    • Balancing Color
    • Fixing Star Elongation
    • False-Color and working with more than three colors
    • Bonus: Video tutorials from Don Waid an Don Goldman

You can view a non-linking version of the DVD table of contents here.