The NewAstro Zone System for Astro Imaging - 256 pages, 9x7" $99.95 ISBN 0-9711237-5-6
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Russell Croman's Chapters

Three chapters in the book were written by Russell Croman, including the cover photo (a portion of which is shown above). The chapters show you how to take and process emission-line images, an area of CCD imaging that is growing rapidly in popularity.

Chapter 9: Emission-Line Imaging: Acquisition

  • Elements and Wavelengths
  • Choosing Emission-Line Filters
  • Camera Considerations
  • Equipment Issues
  • Acquisition Tips

Chapter 10: Emission-Line Imaging: Processing

  • Prepare the Image
  • Noise Considerations
  • Equalizing the Background Levels
  • Balancing Emission-Line Color
  • Combining the Data
  • DDP Stretching and Exporting the Image

Chapter 11: Emission-Line with Natural Color

  • Two Approaches
  • Luminance Enhancement
  • H-alpha as Red Channel
  • Processing the Result