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Ron Wodaski's New Book Available

Ron's new book, The NewAstro Zone System for Astro Imaging, is back from the printer and ready to ship. The cover is shown at right. To learn more details about the book, which includes a DVD with some incredible content, please visit the book web site.

Info on Ron's first book, The New CCD Astronomy

CCD Calculator

You can now download the CCD Calulator for free.

Equipment selection essay

Learn how to choose the right equipment for CCD imaging.

New Astronomy Press Software:

  • Gradient Removal Plug-in - Works with MaxIm DL and CCDSoft. Removes both linear and radial gradients. Perfect tool for removing light pollution gradients.
  • Automapper II - For users of TheSky and CCDSoft. Also requires Orchestrate and TPoint. Automates mapping runs with hundreds of points (more than you can do with the default tools in TheSky). Includes extra tools for Paramount owners.
  • The DeBloomer - Works with MaxIm DL and CCDSoft. Removes blooms and includes tools for refining the way blooms are corrected.
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